While Getting ready to go to the Concert Stan,Avery,Tyler and Chloe meet up with Lindy,Logan,Garrett,Jasmine and Delia.However just One Hour with them and things can go wrong.


The Episodes starts out with Avery,Tyler and Chloe with their cloths messed up along with Stan who is jumping in and out of the window because it is broken.Ellen and Bennett ask what happened.

Then,It shifts to One Hour ago.Avery and Tyler are getting ready to go to the concert which is in Two Hours.Lindy and Logan knock on their door and ask which way the Concert is.Avery and Chloe tell them that the Concert dosen't start for Two Hours.They tell them that they are helping set it up as they know the people who are performing.Avery then tells them that they still have time to stick around as they can stay for an hour and help out for about an hour.Avery then Tyler and finally Chloe inturduce them selfs.Delia is then licked by Stan.Jasmine then freaks out because she is afraid of Dogs.Garrett is then bitten by Stan because Stan thinks he is somone else.Stan then talks to Garrett and Garrett runs out and breaks the glass window.Jasmine then accidently falls of the balcony upstairs and the balcony breaks.Jasmine is saved by Logan.Lindy then finds a whole bunch of Frozen Pizza's and heats them up.Logan and Jasmine find Chocolate and Then Ellen and Bennett get home and it leads up to the begging.

Lindy,Logan,Jasmine and Delia go to help out at the Concert and find Garrett.Stan is jumping through the Window like before.Avery,Tyler and Chloe relize it's time for the Concert in a hour.They run out the door with Stan.



G. Hannulies as Avery

Blake Michael as Tyler

Francesca Capaldi as Chloe

Olivia Holt as Lindy Watson

Austin North as Logan Watson

Piper Curda as Jasmine

Peyton Clark as Garrett

Sarah Gilman as Delia

Mick as Stan

Stephan Full as The Voice of Stan

Beth Littleford as Ellen

Regan Burns as Bennett

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