Austin,Ally,Trish and Dez all make it to the Concert with backstage passes and they want the Cookies.However Jessie and the Rest of them are still trying to get the Cookies and run back to the Stage before everyone shows up.


Austin,Ally,Trish and Dez make it to the Concert and are wondering why the stage is broken and where are the Cookies.The Scene then shifts to Jessie,Ravi,Zuri,Luke,Emma,Lindy,Logan,Garrett,Delia and Jasmine running through the store.They find Six boxes of Cookies which is what they need.They get back to the stage and find almost everyone at the Concert which is starting in 8 minutes they return the cookies.Austin,Ally,Dez,Trish,Jessie,Luke,Emma,Zuri,Ravi,Bertram,Lindy,Logan,Jasmine,Garrett and Delia sit at their seats.After the Concert they all walk off.However,Luke and Emma's phones are seen getting stolen by a mysteryouse guy in Black.



Ross Lynch as Austin Moon

Luara Manura as Ally Dawson

Raini Roderequez as Trish De Le Rosa

Calum Worthy as Dez

Debby Ryan as Jessie

Peyton List as Emma Ross

Cameron Boyce as Luke Ross

Olivia Holt as Lindy Watson

Austin North as Logan Watson

Karan Brar as Ravi Ross

Skai Jackson as Zuri Ross

Piper Curda as Jasmine

Peyton Clark as Garrett

With Sarah Gilman as Delia

And Kevin Chamberlin as Bertram Winkle

Guest StarringEdit

TBA,TBA and TBA as The Performers


  • In the Store there were only Six little Boxes of Cookies.In the Concert there are Seven Big Boxes
  • In the Previoiuse Episode there were Four Performers but in this Episode there are only Three

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